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        July 9, 2021 - Updates for Members
        Interested in Communitions? CDA Wants You!
        Are You Interested in Volunteering? Interested in Communitions? CDA Wants You!...[Continues]
        June 7, 2021 - Updates for Members
        Postes à pourvoir au sein du conseil d'administration de l'ACB
        L’Association nadienne des barrages compte sur des bénévoles pour diriger ses activités en siégeant à son conseil d’administration....[Continues]
        May 21, 2021 - Industry News
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        Sign up to receive CDA news and announcements through the Gazette (electronic newsletter *) and the quarterly CDA Bulletin!...[Continues]


        Annual Conference

        CDA's Annual Conference is a national forum for dam owners and operators, engineers, geoscientists, regulators, and others. Share ideas and knowledge on management, maintenance and design of water dams and mining dams.

        Due to the uncertain public health situation that is expected to extend through 2021, this year’s conference will be delivered using a fully virtual platform. The planning committee is looking forward to the unique opportunity that this delivery platform provides for reaching a wider audience across the global dam industry.

        Upcoming Conferences:
        October 25-28,  2021 - Virtual

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